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Career Readiness & Placement Training

Our workforce preparation program that provides participants of 2nd chance living PMI with training, problem solving skills, leadership skills, resume writing, interviewing preparation, and internships. These services are all designed to increase employability of our clients.

Entrepreneurship Training

In Entrepreneurship Training, clients are taught all the basics of starting and maintaining a business. Clients also have a better understanding of registering their business, securing business license, generating start up funding, marketing and developing a business plan. 

Financial Counseling

Clients will be taught financial literacy which includes the basics of budgeting, impact of interest, savings, credit/ debt maintenance and ways to live with the means of income generated from their employer.

Cultural Awareness

Clients will be given the insights of Women’s History since the beginning of US History.  Cultural Awareness is an outlet and learning experience to encourage women empowerment and the strength of womanhood.

Clients will receive mental health counseling which will be administered in individual and/or group sessions. 

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